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Parallel Lines


717 Marin St 94590 Vallejo United States
IntegriTea introduces, Parallel Lines, "Different perspectives connecting truth" a spoken word - poetry production performed by Poet E-Spoken & Joann Babiak.

Angel Heart:
Poet E-Spoken? What was your vision for Parallel Lines? How was Parallel Lines born?

Poet E-Spoken:
We describe how we came together in the poem parallel lines. But here's a little detail…..

I met Joann through a dear friend of ours Jolin Halstead. I was doing a poem for an event. Joann came up to me afterwards and said "When you are ready give me a call.” I assumed she was an entertainment lawyer. Her card sat on my dresser until a year later. We are part of linked in. So I sent her a message that night saying you probably don't remember me. She said Poet E-spoken I want to know your story. She said, “We have a lot more in common than you think.” I woke up the next day to a poem she had sent me on Facebook. It blew my mind! We started finishing each other’s poems…..and writing… and connecting….So here we are!

About IntegriTea:

IntegriTea fosters a space of empowerment and unity for the local community and local community artists, while offering medicinal herbs and loose teas for whole body health.

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