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Living is Easy Summer Series presents Marc Maynon


Nathan's Conscious Cup
419 Georgia St, Ste 40 94590 Vallejo United States
Singer-Songwriter, Marc Maynon, was born in Coney Island, the son of a Protestant Minister and a Clinical Social Worker. When Maynon turned 4 his family moved to the Bay Area in California where he was raised. Maynon was a very imaginative child, with an affinity for singing. College marked his discovery of the guitar and shortly thereafter, his love for songwriting. Please join him on Friday June 24th at 7pm as he plays his songs for you and shares his unique passion for expressing himself.

“Marc has a great knack for creating memorable winding melodies and words that you won't soon forget” - babysue
“... a lighthearted affair with a folk rock vibe, almost poetic in nature. Think Jim Croce storytelling, the melodies have a very natural progression.” - Doug Garnett ◆ SKOPE
“Maynon's voice can encompass a breathy vulnerability to strong passion at the turn of phrase.” - Tate Swindell ◆ Unrequited Records